Safe-Kidz Cargo Climbing Net, 100% Polyester Rope Ladder, 96" L x 30" W + Drill Bit & Instructions

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Over Twice as Thick: Forget those flimsy climbing ropes made of skinny, skimpy braiding. Your Safe Kidz Children's Climbing Net boasts rugged 3-strand rope, 3/4" thick for ultimate strength & safety.
Softer on Kids' Hands: The sun's rays can damage inferior rope ladders, making them rough & scratchy. That's why Safe Kidz uses UV-resistant polyester, which starts out soft & stays soft over time.
Won't Rot, Crack, or Splinter: Wooden dowels can attract destructive mold & mildew. But your Safe Kidz Cargo Climbing Rope contains no wood whatsoever. All materials resist rot for lasting durability.
Stronger, Safer Connectors: No knots. No splices. No worries. This heavy-duty climbing net features our exclusive Bilt-to-Last fasteners, made of tough high-density plastic & rust-resistant hardware.
Easier Installation: Install your rope climbing ladder outdoors or in - on a swing set, jungle gym, deck, etc. Comes with free bonus drill bit + complete, step-by-step instructions. You'll need some basic hardware plus a small amount of lumber, but that's it.


*** Safe. Secure. Simple. Your Safe Kidz Cargo Climbing Net features thicker, sturdier rope & tougher wood-free fasteners, so you can count on it for the long haul ***

When your kids' safety is at stake, you don't play around. That's why you'll appreciate this climbing rope ladder from Safe Kidz. Suitable for outdoor & indoor use, it gives your youngsters countless hours of active fun & healthy exercise.

Best of All, It's Far Stronger Than Any Other Children's Climbing Rope We've Seen

So, you can let your kids play to their hearts' content, knowing they're safe & secure.

Your Hanging Rope Ladder Offers:

=== > Rugged 3-strand, 3/4-inch rope, over twice as thick as other kids' climbing ropes
=== > 100% polyester construction - silky-soft yet super-strong; resistant to harmful UV rays so it won't "splinter" & coarsen over time
=== > Rock-solid corner fasteners that won't rot, come loose, or fall off

It All Adds Up to Awesome Durability

No more rotted, moldy dowel rods. No more flimsy knots & splices. The payoff? This cargo net will safely support youngsters up to 150 lbs. (ages 3 to 10).

Easier to Install - Even Comes with Free Drill Bit

Hang your climbing rope on a play set, jungle gym, deck, you name it. We provide a handy drill bit + detailed directions (written in clear, plain English). You'll need some basic hardware plus a small amount of lumber, but that's it.

(Please note: 129" length gives you extra rope for fastening. Usable length comes to 96".)

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