Alligator Tail Meat (Boneless) 1 Qty. 5 Lb. Bag

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All Natural Alligator Tail Meat.
Minimall processed.
TB Alligator Tail Meat, (Boneless) 1 qty. 5 lb. bag.
Ship UPS 2 day service in a cooler with frozen gel packs for freshness.


Alligator are harvested from the wild once a tear in September/October, and year-round in Florida. They are farm raised throughout the year in Louisiana as well. The choicest cut is the tail meat, white and very much like veal in texture .It tastes some where between chicken and rabbit, with perhaps a hint of frog legs. Leg and body meat is good for jambalaya, soup and stews. Only alligator meat that has been farm raised can be sold or consumed in California by state law.

Farm raised Alligator is all white meat and is flavorful, (reminiscent of chicken) and low in fat.

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Ship in Coolers with frozen gel packs for Freshness