Exotic Alligator Jerky by Dublin Jerky | Cajun Flavor, No MSG - 4 Ounce

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100% Lean Whole Muscle Alligator Jerky
Package Contains 4 ounces of Premium Gourmet Alligator Jerky
We Pair Alligator Tenderloin With Our Cajun Seasoning
Lean Healthy Snack, NO MSG, High in Protein, Low in Fat, Low in Carbs, No Gluten
Making Jerky Since 1975 | Family Owned | 70 Varieties and Counting!!


Our Alligator comes from Louisiana, so we paired it with our Cajun seasoning. It has a great Cajun flavor with a little spicy kick. We use 100% tenderloin for our alligator jerky. (1-10 in Heat: 1).