VEVOR Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Kit Excavator Parts Hydraulic Tester Coupling Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit for Excavator Construction Machinery (Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit)

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Hydraulic pressure gauge kit has 3 Pressure Gauge 63mm, 3625 PSI (250 Bar/25 MPa), 5800 PSI (400 Bar/40 MPa), 8700 PSI (600 Bar/60 MPa)
Hydraulic tester max work pressure: 9,000 PSI/600Bar/60MPa, 3 test hoses, 60 inch long
Hydraulic test point coupling : M10*1, M141.5, G1/4,UNF7/16-20, NPT1/4-18
This hydraulic pressure gauge kit has one strong and light aluminum case
This is economical hydraulic pressure test kit for your excavator


Excavator Parts Hydraulic Pressure Gauge, Hydraulic Kit, Hydraulic Test Gauges Used for Excavators

Product Specification:

Max Work Pressure: 9000PSI/600BAR/60MPa


Gauge: 63mm-25MPa/250BAR/3625PSI, 1 PC

Gauge: 63mm-40MPa/400BAR5800PSI, 1 PC

Gauge: 63mm-60MPa/600BAR/8700PSI, 1 PC

Test Hose Assembly Test hose: Length= 60 inches, 3 PCS

Test Coupling:

Test coupling: G1/8, 1 PC

Test coupling: G1/4, 1 PC

Test coupling: G3/8, 1 PC

Test coupling: M10*1, 1 PC

Test coupling: M10*1.25, 1 PC

Test coupling: M14*1.5, 1 PC

Test coupling: UNF7/16-20, 1 PC

Test coupling: UNF9/16-18, 1 PC

Test coupling: NPT1/4 , 1 PC

Test coupling: M8*1.0, 1 PC

Quick Release Coupling:

Quick connector B compatible for Caterpillar CAT/CASE/John Deere, 1 PC

Aluminum box packaging can better protect the hydraulic test gauges, can have

a greater resistance to pressure, you can use more longer.

Package: standard retail carton